Who Pays After a Rental Car Accident?

June 15, 2022by LegalASAP

A rental car accident requires information to pass through a variety of important parties. You need to exchange insurance information with the other driver, file a police report, take pictures for documentation and contact your insurance company. Then there’s the question of how will you get around while your vehicle is in the shop?

Even if no one was hurt, chances are there was some damage to the vehicles that need repair. So who covers the cost of the rental car? Do you file a claim with your insurance company or the other driver’s? Should you hire a lawyer to help file an auto accident lawsuit?

It boils down to what type of auto insurance you have and who is responsible for the auto accident. Different states have different at-fault insurance laws. Contact an auto accident lawyer in your area with knowledge of the specific laws about vehicle accident lawsuits in your state.

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If You Were Not At-Fault For The Rental Car Accident

If you are at fault for the rental car accident, you should file a claim with your insurance company for the rental car. Rental coverage is often considered optional through your auto insurance. If you previously agreed to the additional coverage, then your insurance company should cover some or all of the rental costs. 

Many insurance companies put a limit on the number of days they will cover (usually 30 days) and the type of vehicle you can rent (often the same kind as your vehicle). It is best to check your policy to see exactly what is covered, or you could end up paying out of pocket. 

What if the Other Driver Is At fault?

If the rental car accident was the other driver’s fault, even if you have rental coverage, their insurance should pay for the cost of your rental car. Using the other driver’s insurance is a good option to avoid raising your insurance rates by filing a claim. 

To have your rental car covered by the other insurance company, you need to file a claim and provide proof that the other driver was at fault. In this case, insurance companies generally cover the cost of rental cars for a limited time, about 30 days. 

Insurance companies will often deny or reject rental car claims and dispute who was responsible for the accident. They can also take a long time to process claims, leaving you without payment while waiting for your settlement. 

When Fault is in Dispute After an Accident

It can get even more complicated if it is unclear or you can’t agree on who is at fault for the auto accident. Insurance companies will deny liability if there is any question about who is responsible. This can lead to significant delays and claim denial.

Many people will choose to file through their insurance companies to avoid this delay. They can get a rental car and later file a claim through the other insurance company for reimbursement.

Sometimes, your only choice to get rental car compensation is through a vehicle accident lawsuit. An auto accident lawsuit through an experienced auto accident lawyer means your lawyer can handle the filing and negotiations with the insurance company. They understand the process and can get the best result for your case.

To find an experienced auto accident lawyer in your area to help with your vehicle accident lawsuit, contact LegalASAP. We have a network of trustworthy lawyers who can review your case for free. Don’t wait. Speak with an auto accident lawyer today!

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