Why Car Accident Lawyers Are Busiest During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

November 22, 2022by LegalASAP

As joyous as the holidays can be, the season of giving is one of the most treacherous times on the roads. Blizzards, shopping frenzies, and human overconfidence often converge, leading to significantly higher risks of auto accidents. This post will look at holiday road safety, how to promote it, and what drivers should know about how auto accident law comes into play during the holidays. We’ll also discuss how the right legal representation maximizes your chances of claim success.

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The holidays: When cars and holidays collide

According to the latest National Safety Council (NSC) stats, holidays have high rates of fatal car crashes as compared to other days of the year. The statistics show a spike in car accidents on major holidays, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. If we look at the latest estimates, 427 people may die on U.S. roads this New Year’s holiday period. While the upcoming winter and festive season may call for increased travel for families across the United States, here are the common reasons why auto accident rates tend to skyrocket during the holidays.

1. Hazardous weather conditions

Bad weather conditions are known to have a significant impact on roadways and traveling conditions. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), climate change presents a significant risk to the safety, effectiveness, equity, and sustainability of transport infrastructure. For instance, the tire pressure decreases one to two pounds per square inch when the temperature lowers by 10°C. This is an evident condition during the winter season that may cause auto collisions.

2. Stress and end-of-year burnout

The busy holiday season often sees road rage and stress leading to negligence and reckless driving that contributes to accidents. The holiday season comes with sudden cost blowouts, admin hassles, and financial pressure. Driving under excessive stress is a form of distracted driving and one can lose focus while behind the wheel, which may lead to unplanned health and safety liabilities.

3. Driving more at night and on unfamiliar roads

While driving at night to parties and get-togethers, people may face risks of impaired night vision and low visibility. People travel long distances and prefer nighttime driving as those are no-rush hours. They tend to be deprived of sleep and this becomes a cause of increased car accidents during the night, which are more prominent on an unknown route.

4. Failure to drive safely in snowy/icy conditions

The riskiest time of year to drive is winter. Driving or stopping a car on ice or wet pavements can take longer. Many accidents occur each year as a result of drivers losing control of their automobiles on slick pavement.

5. Drunk/impaired driving (due to festivities)

The holidays are a time for family joy. During these times, social binge drinking is more common, which contributes to an increase in drunk driving. People run a higher risk of getting into an accident since there are more individuals on the roads and they’re more likely to be drunk.

How to stay safe on the roads

There’s no denying it, driving during the holidays is riskier than at other times. Take a few precautions to drive more safely this holiday season. You owe it to your family, friends, and even other motorists. You can prevent becoming a victim of the higher collision rate by following these basic suggestions.

Always prepare ahead of time when driving

Give yourself plenty of time if you’re traveling somewhere for the holidays. You’ll be more likely to drive quickly or disregard some safety precautions if you rush or set a severe time constraint. To drive safely, get up a little earlier, manage your time, and don’t be afraid to be a little late.

Reduce speed and avoid making sharp turns

A car can occasionally understeer, which is a form of skid that occurs when the car makes a quick turn and starts to slide on the slick tire sidewalls. By slowing down the car as you navigate curves, understeering can be avoided. Keep an eye out for signs warning of upcoming curves so you have plenty of time to slow down before navigating them.

Winterize your car

Winter driving may be dangerous, especially in snowstorms and on slippery roads. You can handle practically any weather Mother Nature decides to send your way by prepping the car for winter and adopting a few easy driving safety measures. Here are a few tips to prepare your car for winter:

  • Test your battery
  • Use winter tires with wide, flexible tread
  • Check tire pressure, because it drops along with the temperature 
  • Examine wiper blades and replace them as necessary
  • Keep the gas tank at least half full to prevent the gas line from freezing

Don’t drink and drive 

There are safer alternatives to drinking and driving. Let someone else drive, call a cab, or take public transport. Arrive alive, as they say. 

Auto accident law implications

Even the most cautious and skilled drivers can be engaged in a car accident due to unfavorable weather conditions. If the road is icy and there is limited visibility, the insurance claim may be more forgiving in determining accident fault.

If a driver’s negligence is the primary cause of the accident, that will be considered when an insurance company analyzes a claim for severe weather. If a driver’s carelessness is established after an accident in heavy snow, the claim’s outcome will be comparable to that of one that happened in ideal weather. 

If you feel you’re not responsible for the accident and want to seek the maximum insurance settlement that’s possible, connect with an auto accident attorney immediately. Car accident injury lawyers are experienced in compiling supporting documentation. They’re aware of the kinds of data that can support your claims. Auto accident attorneys can also arrange qualified witnesses and assist with the complex claims procedure. And when they negotiate on your behalf with the insurance provider, they frequently achieve better results.

If you’re looking for an “auto accident attorney near me,” contact LegalASAP. We can put you in touch with a skilled personal injury attorney in our network to have them go over your case. They can help you decide what strategy is best for your claim. Take our free evaluation to see if you may qualify.

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