Personal Injuries Spike During the Holidays: When to Seek a Lawyer

December 21, 2022by LegalASAP

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Holidays packed with shopping, family get-togethers, and vacations. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season brings an increased risk of personal injuries. We want you to have a safe and happy holiday season, so this post looks at why this tragic reality hits the most during the holidays, and how a personal injury attorney can help deliver your deserved compensation.

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Why personal injuries happen more during the holidays

No matter how you celebrate, most of us associate the holidays with good cheer and a chance to relax with family and friends. However, there are many dangers this time of the year can present, including some of the following listed below. Note that not all of these dangers involve liability and the need for the best lawyers for personal injury. 

Slips and falls

Delightful powder snow isn’t the only thing cold weather brings. Patches of ice can lurk on sidewalks, outside stairs and ramps, or your driveway. These all represent a more significant potential to slip and fall, especially if there’s no adequate warning. Indoors, people tracking that ice inside will lead to water puddles and another chance of slipping. 

Road condition accidents 

Walking is dangerous in the colder months, but you’re no safer when driving. In fact, you may even be at greater risk. Ice and snow on the road can cause your vehicle to spin out of control or crash. Poor visibility due to snow makes it much more likely someone else will accidentally run into you. Beyond car crashes, there’s also an increased risk for pedestrians and bicyclists due to the more dangerous driving conditions.

Dangerous drivers

It’s not just the roads that are in unsafe condition come the holiday season. The drivers themselves are often at their worst, relatively speaking. For many, this is the time of the year where they’re most burnt out and stressed. They may not be in the right frame of mind to give road safety the proper focus it demands. And, despite increasing pressure to avoid drunk driving, there may be many more intoxicated drivers out on the roads at this time of year.

Decoration dangers

For many, it’s a holiday tradition to deck not just the halls, but the entire house in holiday decorations. Stringing up lights or other rooftop decorations will generally involve using ladders in slippery conditions. It doesn’t take much imagination to discover why this would be a clear risk of injury. 

Sporting accidents

For some, winter means taking a sled out to the park. But for others, the snowbound seasons involve far more intense winter sports. Whether you prefer skiing, snowboarding, or skating, winter sports often involve high speeds on slippery surfaces. Even for the most experienced winter athletes, there’s always the chance of a severe injury. 

When to seek personal injury claims from a third party

As has been demonstrated, there are plenty of reasons why injuries spike over the holiday season. But as with injuries at any time of the year, there’s always a question of whether it’s reasonable to seek the help of a personal injury attorney. Below are three situations that call for getting help.

Property owner negligence

Leaving your sidewalk uncleared during the holidays doesn’t just ruin the appearance of your neighborhood. It could even mean you might need legal representation. If someone falls and slips on your patch of sidewalk, you could be liable for the injury. If you’re  injured in such a sidewalk slip, the property owner where you fell could be held negligent.

Driver negligence

No matter what time of year it is, drunk or distracted driving is always a hazardous and unacceptable practice. If you’re injured in a car accident during the holiday season, the other driver may be liable for damages depending on how much their negligence had to do with the cause of the motor vehicle accident. 

Manufacturer negligence

We’ve already discussed how many winter sports and other activities have an inherent amount of risk involved. However, we can significantly reduce our risk from these activities by using proper safety practices and equipment. But what happens when our safety equipment fails us? If you partake in winter sports and suffer an injury due to equipment failure, then the manufacturer could be potentially liable for damages.

Stay safe this holiday season

The best way to remain safe this holiday season is to be aware of the potential dangers, and avoid taking unnecessary risks. However, in some cases, accidents are unavoidable—and are also not in any way your fault. If you suffer an injury due to negligence, we can put you in contact with the best law firms out there for personal injury. For example, if you’ve suffered a winter-time auto accident, we can get you in contact with personal injury attorneys that specialize in auto accidents

We’re here to give you a free evaluation for your personal injury claims as soon as you need. Feel free to contact us anytime to get your personal injury attorney working on your legal case ASAP.

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