Denied VA Benefits? Here’s How VA-Accredited Attorneys Help You

January 26, 2023by LegalASAP

Veterans Affairs claims are rejected for a variety of reasons. Many people fail to qualify for benefits, while others make mistakes while applying. You can maximize your chances of success by understanding why claims are denied and avoiding common mistakes. This post will examine why VA claims get rejected, what affected parties can do to appeal them, and how a VA disability attorney near you can assist. 

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Reasons VA claims get denied

Before getting a veteran disability lawyer, it’s a good idea to understand some of the context behind why the VA may deny disability claims. These reasons will be what you and your VA-accredited attorney will attempt to address when appealing your denial. 


VA compensation doesn’t appear to have inherent deadlines, which lulls many people into a false sense of security. The VA may set certain deadlines for your specific case. These could include doctor visits, submitting additional evidence, or missing appointments. 

Incomplete forms

As with any kind of application, to receive VA benefits, you must ensure you’re thorough on the application form. You may need to give details about yourself, your family, contact info, your medical history, your military service, and recorded proof of your disability. This can be quite a lot for veterans and their families to process, highlighting the importance of a VA-accredited attorney.

Incorrect forms

Even a form that has been completely filled out can be invalidated if it contains incorrect information. We don’t need to tell you it’s a terrible idea to lie on a VA benefits claim. Any dishonesty will severely impact your case. However, forms can also be incorrect through human error, or because the form itself isn’t the appropriate one. A VA-accredited attorney can help you avoid these errors. 

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions are another major cause of denial for VA benefits. Receiving these benefits requires proving that the cause of the disability arose during military service. However, you can progress down the avenue of arguing that military service caused a pre-existing condition to become significantly more severe. 


There are many potential medical complications. However, not all of them will qualify for disability compensation from the VA. You can’t simply report symptoms or a potential health issue. You need to definitively prove you have a diagnosis of a medical condition from a medical professional. 

Rejected evidence

Sometimes, you do manage to collect enough medical evidence for the VA office, but they still end up rejecting your claim. Proper filing of evidence is a complex process.

Your evidence must clearly prove your condition is a disability. Medical documents are valuable pieces of evidence, but you need to prove they came from a certified medical practitioner. The most vital part of all this is that you draw a line from your condition to your service. 

Can you appeal a rejected claim? 

It is possible to file appeals for veterans’ claims. However, the appeals process can be just as complicated, if not more so, than the original submission. This is one reason why represented veterans find it easier to get their claims approved. With a VA-accredited attorney, you don’t need to simply accept a denial of your benefits. A VA disability lawyer can help you file a claim, make an appeal, or even increase your disability rating.

With LegalASAP and our free evaluations, you can get on track to contact a VA-accredited lawyer. If you have any questions, don’t delay. Contact us as soon as possible.

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