Profits Over People: When To Seek Legal Help At Work

May 2, 2022by LegalASAP

Suppose you or a family member was injured at work. In that case, you are entitled to benefits to cover medical costs and lost wages. In most workplaces, workers’ compensation provides benefits to employees injured on the job. In some cases, however, hiring a workers’ compensation attorney can help bring peace of mind during a challenging time. It can also ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

This post will discuss workers’ compensation and who qualifies for a legal representative to help with their claim. 

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How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program paid into by employers that provides benefits to workers who are hurt or become disabled on the job. It is a government-mandated program to support workers and is required by law for businesses. Employers pay into the insurance program, and employees are covered if they have an injury or accident at work. 

Injuries at work can range from mild back sprains to broken bones and more severe injuries. Often, workers’ compensation claims are relatively straightforward. Suppose you are an employee injured at your workplace. In that case, you file a claim within the required time and receive the worker’s compensation benefits. Often these take the form of lost wages or medical expenses. 

If you accept workers’ compensation, you also lose the right to sue for additional compensation. 

Who Qualifies For Workers’ Compensation?

To qualify for workers’ compensation, you must meet these five criteria: 

  1. Be classified as an employee at your workplace. It is important to remember that the definition of employee changes from state to state. It is essential to understand who is included as an employee where you work. Generally, Independent contractors, freelancers, and sub-contractors are not considered employees. But this definition also depends on where you live. 
  2. Your employer must have workers’ compensation insurance and pay premiums on their policy. This insurance is required by law. 
  3. Your injury must be work-related. Your injury has to happen at work or be the result of conditions at work – polluted air, the result of repetitive motion, or work-related stress. It may not be covered if you injure yourself on the way to work or on a break outside of your workplace. 
  4. You need to file your claims within a specified time. It is always best to file sooner than later to ensure you don’t miss deadlines. 
  5. Attend required doctor’s appointments, treatments, and evaluations. If you miss any medical appointments, the insurance company can argue you are not following treatment or are faking your injuries. 

When Do You Need Legal Representation for Workers’ Compensation?

Not all cases of workers’ compensation are straightforward. In some instances, the employer may deny the claim or say the injury isn’t work-related. In other cases, the injury may be caused by the employer’s negligence. Your treatment or out-of-pocket expenses could also cost you more than the workers’ compensation benefits you receive. Having a workers’ compensation attorney review your case is highly recommended in these circumstances. 

How LegalASAP can Help with Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

LegalASAP connects people seeking legal help with experienced and qualified legal representation. Suppose you are recovering from a workplace injury in the hospital. In that case, a family member or friend can also contact us on your behalf and with your consent. 

LegalASAP works with a large network of trustworthy and qualified legal experts. We can connect you with a workers’ compensation attorney in your area who is available to help right away. Contact us today to connect with a legal professional and get started on your workers’ compensation claim.

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