Reasons Why Your Personal Injury Claim Did Not Qualify


Lori Polemenakos

You came to LegalASAP to learn if your personal injury claim qualified for legal assistance or a cash settlement. However, our website told you that your case did not qualify based on the answers you gave us. We’ll explain why some personal injury cases cannot qualify for financial compensation or legal assistance from a nearby lawyer below.

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#1: Your Injury Did Not Qualify Because the Statute of Limitations Already Expired

According to your state’s laws, you have limited time to file a personal injury claim for financial compensation. Legally, this deadline is known as the statute of limitations. Every state’s law sets a different deadline, but you may have as little as one year from your injury date. (In most states, the statute of limitations is two years after the date of your accident.) We determined that your personal injury case did not qualify based on the accident date you gave us. Once that deadline passes, there’s nothing any lawyer or court of law can legally do to award you compensation.

#2: Because You Have No Medical Bills, Your Claim Did Not Qualify for Legal Assistance

This should be obvious, but you cannot prove a personal injury case without medical evidence. Without medical bills, you cannot prove when or if you sought treatment for your injury. It’s also impossible to calculate how much your claim is worth without any documentation from a healthcare provider or clinic. For example: You tell us that your neighbor says mean things to you every morning when you leave for work. Now, you want to sue him for pain and suffering, alleging that his abuse gave you PTSD. If you have no physical injuries, however, it’s almost impossible to secure compensation from a personal injury claim. If your claim did not qualify because you said you have no physical injuries, now you know why!

#3: You’re At Fault for Your Injury Accident

If you spill water in the house you own, don’t clean it up, then slip and fall, you’re at fault. Another example: The police ticket you for running a red light and hitting another car, injuring you both. You caused the accident that led to your injury in both example cases. If no other person, business, or entity is responsible for your injury, then that’s why your case did not qualify. LegalASAP cannot help people sue themselves for compensation because claims don’t work that way.

#4: You Cannot Determine Who Is Responsible for Your Injury

This doesn’t happen that often, but let’s say your child has a dog bite injury and needs surgery. However, you cannot locate the dog’s owner because it has no collar or chip. The city puts the dog to sleep after nobody comes forward to claim it from the pound. Your claim did not qualify because you could not name a potentially liable person, business, or entity.

#5: Another Lawyer Already Accepted or Rejected Your Personal Injury Case

We ask this question because it means one of two things:

  1. You talked to another lawyer about your case, and then retained that person’s services. If you did this, then it means you also signed a retainer and fee agreement. Since those documents serve as contracts for that attorney’s legal representation, LegalASAP isn’t willing to break them. You may want to fire your current lawyer or seek a second opinion about your case. However, your case did not qualify because that isn’t a service that LegalASAP currently offers to visitors.
  2. Another lawyer already reviewed your claim and rejected it for some unknown reason. This tells us that your case has virtually no chance to win financial compensation based on the evidence you provided. You did not qualify because attorneys in the LegalASAP network only provide initial case reviews free of charge. They do not provide free claim evaluations for people who already sought legal assistance from other lawyers.

#6: LegalASAP Cannot Match You With Any Nearby Personal Injury Attorneys

It’s possible you live in a sparsely populated area, or don’t live near any attorneys within the LegalASAP network. We’re sorry when this happens, but there’s little we can do to help you – even if you have a valid case. If this is the reason why your personal injury case did not qualify, you still have other options:

  1. Are your medical bills no more than $1,500? If so, you may have better luck taking the other person to small claims court. While some states allow larger payouts in small claims court, most range from $3,000-$15,000, max. Visit Justia’s website and click on your state to start exploring your small claims court options.
  2. Check the homeowner’s, renter’s, or car insurance policy for the responsible party to see if it covers your losses. This usually only applies to things like dog bites and car accident-related injuries. However, in certain states, you or the other person’s insurance might cover at least some of your medical bills. While this option won’t pay as much as a personal injury claim settlement, it’s better than no money at all!

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