4 Common Misconceptions About Birth Injury



Parents do everything possible to protect their children and keep them safe. They expect doctors and health-care workers to provide the same excellent care during labor and delivery. Unfortunately, different types of birth injury can occur. Sometimes after a birth injury, doctors tell parents there was nothing that could prevent the injury and that they performed the best standard of care. They may say that their baby was simply born this way.

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These myths can prevent parents from filing birth injury lawsuits to help support their child’s medical expenses and care. This post will dissect some of the most common birth injury myths. We’ll also discuss how a birth injury lawyer can help you understand the realities of birth injury. They can help you navigate the complex system of birth injury malpractice cases. 

What is a birth injury?

A birth injury is when a baby or the mother is injured during the childbirth process. Sometimes these injuries result from labor and are no one’s fault. They may be due to the position or size of the baby, preexisting health conditions, or a difficult or prolonged labor. Other times birth injuries occur due to a doctor’s mistake or negligence. 

A birth injury lawyer can help you understand the realities of your specific circumstances and fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Common myths and misconceptions about birth injury cases

Here are four of the most common myths and misconceptions about birth injury. 

1) My baby was just born this way.

While some birth injuries result from conditions in the womb, that doesn’t mean they are unavoidable. Birth injuries are different from congenital disabilities, which result from genetics. In some cases, mistakes or errors made by doctors before birth or during labor may be the actual cause of birth injuries. A birth injury lawyer can help you sort through the details and determine who is at fault. 

2) It is too late to file a birth injury malpractice case.

If your child’s birth injury occurred years ago, you might think it’s too late to file a birth injury lawsuit. Many parents don’t realize the extent of their child’s birth injury until much later. While there are time limits for filing a claim in some places, the law is different in each state. Many claims remain viable for years, but it is always a good idea to begin as soon as possible. Talk to an experienced birth injury lawyer today to get your case moving forward. 

3) There was nothing the doctor could have done differently.

While negligence or error isn’t the cause of every birth injury, you shouldn’t rule them out immediately. It is true some circumstances may not be preventable. However, there are other actions that the doctor can take to minimize the risk of injury or reduce its severity. A birth injury law firm can help gather evidence and talk to experts about your situation to find the truth. 

4) There isn’t a point in filing a birth injury lawsuit since it won’t change my child’s outcome.

While a birth injury lawsuit may not change your child’s condition, damages awarded could help. They can pay for needed medical care and support your child’s long-term treatment. Financial resources can help take the financial strain off your family and ensure a better quality of life for your child.  

How a birth injury law firm can help

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