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I was injured in the line of duty. What do I do?

If you were injured in the line of duty as a veteran, you may be eligible for veterans disability benefits. Reach out to a veterans’ benefits attorney or a veterans service organization for guidance on navigating the claims process and accessing the support you’re entitled to.

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What Is
Veteran’s Disability Law?

Veteran’s disability law governs how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) grants benefits to eligible disabled military vets, including:

  • The process that determines who qualifies for VA disability compensation
  • How much money approved claimants can receive each month
  • Which dependents of eligible veterans may also qualify for VA disability benefits
  • How much VA-accredited lawyers can charge claimants for legal assistance
  • What medical evidence vets must submit in order to support their disability claims

Veteran’s disability law is incredibly complex and can change at any time. For this reason, the VA requires special training and certification for any attorney specializing in veteran’s disability law.

How Can an VA-Accredited Disability Attorney Help You?

Attorneys who specialize in veteran’s disability law provide the following contingency-based services to all eligible VA claimants:

  • Answer all your claim questions and provide free, confidential legal advice by phone
  • Explain your chances of getting VA benefits, how long your first payment could take, etc.
  • Complete your initial VA disability application or review a denied claim for paperwork errors to fix
  • Communicate with the VA on your behalf as well as provide regular updates about your claim
  • Potentially speed up your claim review and also maximize your monthly pay amounts
  • Explain why the VA denied your claim the first time (if applicable) and how to potentially win your appeal
  • Review your medical records in order to see if you may qualify for a higher VA disability rating — which means more benefits!
  • See if the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) could force the government to pay your legal bills on appeal

Finally, the FY2020 Board of Veterans Appeals report shows why vets should retain attorneys who specializes in veterans disability law. That report shows vets with attorneys won 41% of their appealed cases within the last fiscal year. In fact, attorneys have the highest appeal win rate of any group that provides legal representation to veterans! What’s more, the BVA approved just 34% of legacy and 38% of AMA disability compensation claims last year. Having an attorney who specializes in veterans disability law on your side greatly improves those odds.


VA-accredited attorneys trained in veteran’s disability law can help eligible veterans maximize any VA benefits earned from honorable military service.

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