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Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

Claims that make nursing homes accountable for violating any state or federal laws meant to protect vulnerable residents from harm.
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What Is
Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing Home Neglect Cases Reported by 90% of Residents

It’s a sad fact, but 9 in every 10 disabled and elderly residents report experiencing nursing home neglect. However, what does that neglect even look like? How can family members and friends potentially identify nursing home neglect cases in loved ones? Here are just a few of the most prevalent examples that can injure or otherwise harm residents:

  • Failing to move, reposition or clean bed-bound residents in a timely manner can lead to painful bed sores
  • Medication mismanagement (such as missing a dose or giving the wrong pills to your loved one) can be potentially fatal
  • Dehydration and/or malnutrition-related illnesses and vitamin deficiencies can result when residents do not receive meals or fluids on time
  • Fall-related injuries often occur in understaffed facilities, affecting up to 36% of nursing home residents annually
  • Leaving mobility-impaired residents in isolation (either as punishment or due to inadequate staffing) can harm individuals’ mental and physical health
  • Infections can progress to sepsis and death when staff don’t change dressings on wounds often enough or clean them properly

People may imagine that only documented physical, sexual, or verbal abuse presents a strong legal case. However, that simply isn’t true. Always talk to an attorney who represents nursing home neglect cases about your loved one’s situation to understand your options.

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Nursing Home Neglect Warning Signs in Nonverbal Residents

Nursing home neglect cases in residents that can’t communicate well are particularly hard to identify. Here are some warning signs your nonverbal loved one may experience this:

  • Is upset, agitated, withdrawn or refuses to communicate/make eye contact, especially when staff are present
  • Loses or gains weight rapidly or shows symptoms associated with malnutrition (such as mouth sores, dental problems, slow-healing wounds, or frequent bruises)
  • Is frequently ill, but the facility doesn’t always alert relatives in a timely manner
  • Exhibits unusual behavior changes (i.e., rocking, biting, or doesn’t want to be touched)
  • Injuries the staff or facility cannot easily explain to you (i.e., cuts, bruises, welts, especially if they’re in different stages of healing)

How Can Lawyers Help with Nursing Home Neglect Cases?

There are many state and federal laws designed to protect individuals who live in long-term care facilities. When facilities or staff members violate these laws, however, only the resident’s friends and family have the power to intervene. Most residents can no longer do things like drive, look up attorneys online or other, similar options to find help. Indeed, many say they’re scared to report their caretakers for abuse or neglect for fear of retaliation. In some cases, other residents or their own family members are the source of neglect or abuse.

When in doubt, always consult a local lawyer with experience representing elder abuse and neglect claims. That attorney can:

  • Tell you whether your loved one may have an eligible claim
  • Help protect other residents from suffering similar acts of abuse or neglect
  • Report the responsible facility, staff, or others to the appropriate local or state agency
  • Explain how long it usually takes to resolve nursing home neglect cases like yours
  • Estimate how much money you or your loved one may receive in financial compensation
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