Reasons Why Your Birth Injury Claim May Not Qualify


Lori Polemenakos

You completed an online evaluation to see if your birth injury claim qualifies for legal assistance. However, based on the answers you gave LegalASAP, your birth injury claim doesn’t appear to qualify. Below are some reasons why our network of attorneys cannot assist your family at this time.

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3 Reasons Why A Birth Injury Claim May Not Qualify for Legal Assistance

Before we go any further, it’s important to know that the LegalASAP evaluation determines whether you qualify for help from one of our attorneys. If reason #1 doesn’t apply to you, then you should still seek professional representation elsewhere regarding your case.

Reason #1: Your State’s Statute of Limitations to File a Claim Already Passed

Depending on where you live, you have a limited time to file your birth injury claim. The deadline to file a claim in your state is called the “statute of limitations.” Most states allow parents no more than two years to file a birth injury claim. A handful of states give you three or more years, but others give you just 12 months to file claims. If your state’s statute of limitations already passed, then legally, there’s nothing we can do to help you. No attorney can help your family get justice in court if you miss this filing deadline, unfortunately.

Reason #2: You Already Have a Lawyer Representing Your Case

Unfortunately, this means LegalASAP cannot match you with a second attorney to evaluate your birth injury claim. Maybe you’re unhappy with the lawyer currently handling your case, or just want a second legal opinion. However, if you already have a birth injury lawyer, that means you signed a retainer and a fee agreement. Since you signed what’s basically an exclusive contract for that attorney to handle your case, then we cannot help you. While it’s possible to terminate your current lawyer and then hire a new one, LegalASAP cannot do that for you.

Reason #3: No Local Attorneys Can Review Your Birth Injury Claim At This Time

Unfortunately, LegalASAP can’t always match you with an attorney in your area for a free birth injury claim review. Sometimes this is because you live in an area with few or no lawyers that specialize in birth injury cases. Other times, it’s because all attorneys in the LegalASAP network cannot accept more clients or prospects requesting case reviews.

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