Why You Should Use an Online Broker For Legal Representation



If you’ve been involved in an accident that requires legal representation, finding an experienced lawyer to help you with your case can feel overwhelming. Often even simply starting the initial search for the right type of lawyer after an accident is more than many people can manage and oftentimes why they choose in the end not to use legal services. 

Online brokers offer a free service that can narrow down the search and help you find and reach the legal aid and expertise you need to deal with your case right away. 

This post will discuss how working with an online broker can help you connect with the right lawyer for your case. We’ll explain the key benefits of using a broker to help you navigate online lawyer help and dive into contingency fee arrangements when it comes to legal assistance.

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When Do You Need Legal Representation?

The law is a part of almost every aspect of our lives, from work, marriage, and relationships, to business transactions and property issues. After an accident, many people wonder if they need a lawyer to represent them.  Or if talking to a lawyer about their case will cost them more in legal fees than they can afford. 

While we may not need a lawyer for every circumstance, seeking expert advice for legal questions can always be beneficial and oftentimes on a contingency fee basis. It is always best to contact a lawyer if your accident involved: 

  • Major or minor injuries to you or another party 
  • Property damage
  • Ongoing emotional trauma from the accident or pain and suffering
  • There is a dispute about who was a fault 
  • Incorrect documentation from the other party or police
  • A criminal offense and needing to understand criminal law 

We recommend you speak to an expert legal representative as soon as possible after your accident. In many cases, the sooner you can talk with a lawyer, the better. If you have been involved in a severe accident that caused injury or damage, hiring a lawyer is always a good idea to ensure you are protected. 

Having a lawyer represent you after an accident takes some of the stress off you and allows you to focus on your health and healing. Having legal help means you don’t have to worry if your best interests are represented. In many cases, your lawyer can also help you deal with your insurance company, protect your rights, and follow the proper paperwork and procedures.

In some cases, you are limited by what the insurance company will cover. If you are injured, this could mean you need to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills. A personal injury lawyer can help with your case and ensure you get adequate compensation for your claim. 

What Is A Contingency-Based Lawyer?

A contingency-based lawyer is a lawyer that is paid through a portion of the settlement or compensation that they recover for you. There are no upfront fees or hourly rates for you to worry about. Instead, the lawyer only gets paid if they win and recover money for you. 

Contingency lawyers are very common in personal injury cases and make it possible for people who could not afford to hire a lawyer to have legal representation. You don’t have to worry about paying lawyer fees while injured and dealing with accident recovery. Instead, the fees are deducted from the final settlement. 

The contingency-based system works for clients and lawyers. In general, lawyers will only take on a contingency case if they believe they can win. They are also more motivated to get a higher settlement because that is how they are paid, rather than directly from the client who would hire them. 

Finding the Right Type of Lawyer

While finding a lawyer to represent your case is essential, it is equally important to find a lawyer that is an expert in the specific circumstances of your case. A lawyer who is an expert in financial law may not have the same expertise in handling accident claims as a personal injury lawyer. 

If you are recovering from an accident, the last thing you want to do is sort through online listings looking for help. Online searches can bring up hundreds of options, making it challenging to know where to begin. Many people are not familiar with different kinds of lawyers. Not all lawyers are experts in the same types of practice, and many are too busy to respond to online queries. 

Not only is it essential to find a lawyer who is an expert in your case, but you need to find someone who can represent you locally. Many laws differ from state to state, and it is essential to find legal representation from someone who understands and is experienced in the laws of your area.

How LegalASAP Can Help You

Suppose you’ve been involved in an accident. In that case, you need help navigating the options for online lawyers to find the best legal representation for your situation. It can be challenging to know who to trust and where to find the help you need. In these circumstances, this is where a broker like LegalASAP can help you find the best legal representation for your case. 

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