When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney



While you work, you deserve a safe and healthy work environment. In case you suffer an injury at work, the workers’ compensation system may appear difficult to navigate. It’s likely many workers will need—or can benefit greatly from—the services of a workers’ compensation attorney. The post will highlight common workplace injuries, and how legal representation can help you understand your rights and navigate the complex legal process.

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Common workplace injuries

It might be assumed that only employees working at the most dangerous of occupations will need a lawyer on hand. However, personal injuries can occur in any industry and sector. The following are some of the most common workplace injuries that may require hiring an attorney. 

Burns: For workers who deal with flammable substances, burns are always a risk. However, fires can also break out in any warehouse, retail, or office space. 

Collisions: Being struck by trucks, forklifts, or construction vehicles is a genuine threat on worksites where heavy loads are being moved.

Cuts: Cuts can range from more minor injuries to severe lacerations from power tools.

Explosions: Any business that stores chemicals could be subject to explosions, which can cause trauma on their own, or burns. 

Falling objects: Any business that has to store objects in high places risks having them fall and injure nearby workers. 

Falls from heights: In warehouses and construction sites, workers often need to reach high places, increasing the risk of dangerous falls.

Impacts: In cluttered and noisy workspaces, absent-minded workers might walk into doors, poles, or other obstructions.

Machinery: Getting limbs trapped in machinery can cause extremely severe injuries. 

Muscle strains: Jobs involving lifting or moving can lead to strained and damaged muscles. 

Noise exposure: Often overlooked, repeated exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss. 

Physical alterations: In high-stress work environments, fights can break out between workers, or between workers and customers, leading to injury. 

Repetitive strain injury (RSI): RSI refers to injuries sustained from any repetitive movement of joints. Without ergonomic working conditions, small amounts of strain can build up over time.

Slips: If workspaces aren’t cleaned properly, workers are put at risk of dangerous slips. 

Toxic Materials: Workplaces that deal in chemicals run the risks of exposing workers to toxic materials. 

When to hire a workers’ comp attorney

There are plenty of chances for injury at the workplace. But when is a work injury worth a lawsuit? When is it worth it to hire a lawyer? Often, an injured worker can receive compensation through the regular claims process. When should you hire a workers’ comp attorney for legal advice and representation? 

Partially, consider the extent of the injuries involved. If you’re so severely injured that your prospects of working again are severely restricted, you’ll want to get the most out of your workers’ comp claim. You may not be able to work at all, or need to change careers. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you through this challenging transitional period.

It is also essential to hire a workers’ comp attorney if your employer denies your claims, or underestimates them. Workers’ compensation lawyers can help make sure you’re getting fair and reasonable compensation. They can also help represent you in the case that you suffer discrimination or a toxic work environment in retaliation for filing a claim. 

There are also many more niche cases where a workers’ compensation attorney can be of assistance. Many businesses know of a variety of legal arguments to try and get out of paying full compensation. For example, previous injuries or conditions are often used in arguments that working conditions were unrelated to a current injury or condition. 

Speaking to a workers’ compensation attorney

So what exactly can a workers’ compensation attorney do for you? First and foremost, they can help you build a solid workers’ compensation case. This makes it much more likely you’ll  be adequately compensated for all your personal injuries.

A workers’ compensation attorney can also help you better calculate those damages. If you don’t know how to build your claims to cover all damages, you won’t receive all of the compensation you deserve for injury and lost wages. A workers’ comp lawyer can also help you through the process of repealing any settlements you disapprove of. 

A workers’ compensation attorney can also help you in dealing with insurance companies. If the companies are stalling in giving you the compensation you deserve, your attorney can help represent you and ensure you’re receiving proper compensation in a reasonable time frame. 

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