4 Common Myths about Personal Injury Claims

May 8, 2022by LegalASAP

Personal injury law is often misunderstood. There are many incorrect stereotypes about personal injury attorneys: they are “greedy ambulance chasers” or clients fake their injuries to get money. Unfortunately, these myths can prevent people who really do need help from hiring an experienced lawyer for their personal injury claims. Don’t miss out on getting the compensation you deserve when you need it most. 

This post will debunk some of the most common myths and misconceptions about personal injury law. We’ll see which are false and which might have some substance to it. This post will also examine how an experienced lawyer can help people who file personal injury claims. 

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The Most Common Personal Injury Myths and Misconceptions 

After an injury, whether that’s a dangerous slip-and-fall or an auto accident, it can be challenging to think about anything else. When you consider medical bills or time off work to heal from the injury, anything else can feel overwhelming. These are the most common personal injury myths that keep people from talking with a lawyer.

If You Have Insurance, You Don’t Need A Lawyer

This is false. Insurance adjusters are often very compassionate when you first contact them about your claim. They want you to believe they are considering your best interests. 

Adjustors will usually make an initial offer and say that it is the best they can do under the circumstances. This offer is often the lowest amount they believe you will accept. Adjusters want you to take it to close the claim as quickly as possible. It is important to remember that insurance is a business that makes money when they pay out less to clients. 

A personal injury lawyer can discuss your claim, offer legal advice and help you understand the highest option that you deserve. Personal injury attorneys can offer a professional, objective opinion on your case and understand the process of filing a claim. They can also file the paperwork on your behalf and negotiate to get the total compensation you deserve. 

The At-Fault Party Will Have To Pay For The Damages Themselves

This is False. Many people injured in car accidents are hesitant to speak with a lawyer if a friend or family member was the one driving. They don’t want to sue their friends or family members or have them pay directly for their injury and compensation. 

In most cases, the responsible driver’s insurance company pays the settlement under the policy’s coverage. Compensation for car accident injuries almost never comes out of the liable driver’s own pocket. In most cases, the driver’s insurance company is the one to pay the settlement and not the driver responsible. 

If you’re injured, you need money for medical bills. Most people only receive enough from insurance to make vehicle repairs, if applicable. You should always speak to a lawyer about your potential personal injury case before an insurance company’s claims adjuster. 

It Will Take Too Long to Resolve A Case, and It’s Not Worth the Effort

Somewhat True. While using a personal injury lawyer to handle your case may take longer than dealing with the insurance company yourself, it is definitely worth the effort. Insurance adjusters want to settle claims as quickly and for the lowest possible amount. 

Having an experienced lawyer handle your case means it is not rushed through. Fair compensation should cover treatment for your injury’s long-term effects if needed, not just current medical bills and car repairs.

While building a case takes time, the work can result in a substantially higher compensation that you will need to recover over the long term. 

You Have Unlimited Time To File A Claim

This is False. While the exact length of time to file a claim varies from state to state (typically within 2 years of the accident), there is always a legal deadline. If you miss this deadline, you cannot legally receive any compensation for your case. 

These timelines ensure that claims are handled promptly and that the necessary evidence is still available. We recommend filing a claim as soon as possible and working with legal representation to stay on track with timelines.

The Importance of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer 

If you or a loved one have any questions about how a personal injury lawyer can help with your personal injury claim, contact LegalASAP. We can connect you with a trustworthy, experienced legal expert in your area who can review your case for free. They can help you understand your options and get the best outcome for your claim.

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